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Typically, a property survey is performed before you start building a custom home or when you're looking to purchase a new house. However, you can get a property survey performed at any time in Currie, Leland, NC or surrounding cities. David Edwards Land Surveying, PLLC has an experienced property surveyor who will help you establish your property's true worth.

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Why arrange for a property survey?

Why arrange for a property survey?

Any time you make alterations to your home or looking into purchasing a new home, it's crucial to get a property survey done. A property survey can also:

  • Establish property lines so you know exactly how much land you're looking at
  • Point out any potential issues with the land before you complete the purchase
  • Help you avoid any problems before you build or purchase the property
Overall, our experienced property surveyor can help you avoid any significant issues. Reach out to us today if you have any questions about the process.