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Arrange for a topographic land survey in Currie, Leland, NC or surrounding areas

Every plot of land is different. Depending on where your property is located in Currie, Leland, NC or surrounding areas, it could have a variety of slopes, dips and elevation differences. David Edwards Land Surveying, PLLC can perform a topographic land survey to give you the information you need before you develop your property.

If you draw your plans without knowing what's on your property, you may have to start your project all over again. Start off your project right by scheduling a topographic land survey today.

Benefits of a topographical survey

Benefits of a topographical survey

Unlike other surveys, an as-built survey focuses on the shape and elements of the land. This can include any natural features below the surface, property elevation and general surface of the earth. By outlining all the features on your grounds, you can create designs that work with your land. A topographic land survey can:

  • Give you a detailed and accurate picture of your entire property
  • Reveal any irregularities that might be hidden from plain sight
  • Ensure you understand the underlying land structures before you build

Before you start building, hire our team to perform an as-built survey ASAP.