Understand What's Underneath Your Property

Learn all about our ALTA survey process in Currie, Leland, NC or surrounding areas

Commercial and residential land surveying can help you determine what's available on your property. David Edwards Land Surveying, PLLC specializes in a wide variety of surveying techniques, including ALTA surveys. An ALTA survey can take weeks to finish because it's one of the most detailed survey options available. We also work with attorneys, title owners and other parties to make sure the property is listed correctly.
We can conduct an ALTA survey for any property in Currie, Leland, NC or surrounding areas. Call today to make an appointment.

What's included in an ALTA survey?

What's included in an ALTA survey?

Although residential land surveying will give you general information about your property, an ALTA survey goes a step further. This survey shows:

  • Building locations
  • Boundary lines
  • Telephone lines
  • Gas systems
  • Railroads
  • Plumbing systems

An ALTA survey will give you detailed information about what's on and underneath your land and underneath. Contact us right away with any questions you may have.